Understand the problem before jumping to a solution

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I'm a developer that helps teams and companies deliver awesome software

What do I mean by awesome? Well in order to deliver software that not only corresponds to specification and not only satisfies customers but surprises users with its usefulness you have to

  1. state a clear goal
  2. deliver iteratively
  3. observe customer behaviour in order to adapt.

However none of this is easy and in particular delivering in shorter and shorter iterations is an engineering challenge that very few teams and companies master. It certainly isn't taught in school!

I can help you with that.

What are some of the symptoms that suggest that I could be useful to you?

  • You're agile since 6 months or more, but TDD isn't working for you
  • Business and tech aren't aligned as a team
  • You're struggling with legacy code
  • Your test suites takes a few hours to run


Check out some of my projects and experiments @martinsson


Want to know more or share your problems with me over lunch? I'd be delighted :,

Code quality is not a function of time spent coding, but time spent learning.